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Sachal Group – Introduction

How We Emerged

Pakistan’s entrance into a phase of real development in all economic and other fields provided a considerable incentive to exploit the country’s wealth. This became possible when a sound infrastructure for communications was laid and its development started in the right earnest. This resultantly gave rise to the construction boom in the mid 1950s when the emphasize was on roads and bridges etc. Sachal seized the opportunity and thus the company came into existence.

In response to the ground realities in the civil construction sector, Sachal Engineering Works was established in 1972 with a view to participating in the development of civil engineering moved towards providing sound infrastructure particularly in the construction field. It has endeavored continuously, incorporating new ideas & technologies to improve its engineering and management skills with its eye focused on the new technological developments.

With a humble beginning in early seventies, today Sachal has emerged as a group of companies called “SACHAL GROUP”.

Over the time Sachal Group has successfully completed various prestigious projects in the fields of Civil, Electrical/Telecom and Power Sector.

Sachal Group has to its credit following sizeable projects:

  • Laying of 2,300Km Optical Fibre Cable at various locations all over country for various companies like PTCL, Mobilink etc.
  • Survey, Planning, B.O.Q generation and drawing preparation of 3,800Km area from Peshawar to Karachi for OFC laying project of Mobilink.
  • Construction of Moin-jo-Daro Airport.
  • Construction of Mangla Raising Project(Mirpur By Pass)
  • Housing Construction Project for KWSB worth Rs 86 million.
  • Construction of Awami Markaz – Larkana worth Rs 73.9 million.
  • Construction of 70Km long additional carriageway with a bridge over river Indus & Burhan Rail Road Over Bridge, with the project cost of Rs 1800 million.
  • Rehabilitation of 38Km carriageway at Chablat-Khairabad of worth Rs 300 million
  • Survey,Planning and laying of 37,000 new telephone lines for B.T Project of PTCL in Multan, Gujranwala & Quetta.
  • Survey, Planning and laying of 70,000 new telephone lines for 13 exchanges in 9 cities for PTCL.
  • Survey, planning, B.O.Q generation,drawing preparation of OFC Junction Network of NTC in 9 major cities of Pakistan,covering an area of almost 400Km
  • Supply and installation of security systems to various organizations.

Sachal Telecom (Pvt.) Ltd.

A coupling of brilliance and excellence

Sachal Telecom (Pvt.) Ltd., was launched in 1992.  It is specialized as one of the leading company in
  •    GSM Tower Construction
  •    OSP Survey & Planning
  •    Civil Works
  •    Electrical Works
  •    GPON/FTTx Survey & Deployment


Area of Expertise

Experience in Tower Sites Construction:

In a short span of 2 years, STL has undertaken construction projects of 70 BTS sites. 59 of these BTS sites have been successfully commissioned and are now fully operational. These statistics translate into almost 85% completion rate of all the projects undertaken so far. Like its parent company, STL has maintained high standards in project implementation and commitment to work.
Sachal’s clients have been Siemens, Mobilink and Nortel Networks. The company is also proud of executing sites in very remote areas of Punjab, Baluchistan and Shindh.
   Scope of Works in GSM Networks Construction
       Tower Foundations (Green Field and Roof Top sites) with state of the art steel shuttering sets of different categories and templates for tower foundations.
  •    Complete Tower Fabrication with Company’s own fabrication yard located at Industrial Area, Islamabad.
  •    Tower Erection and Paint.
  •    Construction of BTS and Generator rooms.
   Complete site electrification including building and tower.
  •    Boundary walls and area brick paving.
   Supply and installation of 3-phase WAPDA Connections / Transformers to the sites.

Experience in Civil Works

Sachal Telecom’s emergence as one of the leading civil work contractors in recent years with an impressive portfolio of completed projects of internationally acclaimed clients, is a testament to its strong financial and technical expertise. Taking its roots from a big infrastructure development group, it has inherited a rich technical ability and impressive financial muscle.Some of the main civil works projects we have undertaken are as under:

  Construction of five buildings for PTCL exchanges in Southern Punj ab.
  Construction Construction of MSC Building 60,000 sft Covered Area (3 Floors Building) In Kotlakhpat Industrial Area,
  Lahore.of MSC building of Telenor in Lahore.
  Construction of Gateway Building for Telenor in Bahawalpur
   Construction of double story building for University of Education at Multan.
   Construction of Library Block at University of Education Multan Campus Bosan Road Multan.
   Construction of Library Block at University of education, Lower Mall Campus Lahore.
   Construction of School Buildings at 8 places in T.T. Singh
   Construction of double story building for University of Education at Faisalabad
   Construction of double story building for University of Education at Faisalabad
   Construction of Boundary Wall for Fatima Jinnah Women University at Rawalpind.
   GSM insfrastructure & Allied Civil Works all over Pakistan (500 sites)
   Sachal is therefore fully confident to take up the civil works construction jobs any where in Pakistan, based on its current experience.


Experience in OSP (Outside Plant) Works

Sachal is proud to be one of the leading company providing OSP services. Following are a few activities we have done in OSP Projects:
  Survey, planning & B.O.Q generation for installation of new telephone connections (Copper cable networks) against pending demands as well as forecasted demand.
  Survey, planning & B.O.Q generation both for metros and long haul networks of Optical Fibre Cable & Preparation of CAD drawings.
   Excavation of trenches (in all types of soils), borings, bridge attachments etc.
   Termination of copper cables to MDF and OFC to ODF as well as their testing and commissioning.
   Construction of all types of Manholes & Handholes.
   Installation of cabinets/ONUs, DPs (Distribution poles) of various types etc.

Following is a short statistics of our OSP activities

   Field Survey & Planning
   DP’s Installed on Poles 16500 Nos.
   CAD Drawings(on various sizes and scales)
   OFC laid
700 Nos.
   Splicing (from 12 fibres to 96 fibres)
120 Nos.
  ONUs installed
50 Nos.
   ODFs installed
107,000 Nos.
   New Telephone connections provided
775 Km
   Underground Conduit laid
1510 Nos.
   Manholes Constructed 1510 Nos.
410 Nos.
   Cross connect Cabinets Installed 410 Nos.
415 Km
   Primary Cable installed 415 Km
2600 Km
   Secondary Cable Installed 2600 Km
16500 Nos.


Experience in Solar Energy Solutions

Considering the global energy crises, Sachal decided to enter into Solar Energy Solutions Provisioning.  Although currently we are importing the products from China, however, we intend to manufacture these products locally.  In this regards, we have a various Solar Energy Products, some of them are as under:
  •   Solar Water Geysers

  •   Solar Pannels

  •   Solar Lights

  •   Solar Pumps

  •   Solar UPS and Inverter

  Solar Charge Controller


Upon successful marketing a whole container of solar geysers, we got encouraged and ordered two more containers.  We have got good response from market thus we have created a separate wing named “Sachal Solar” dealing in such products.


  Sachal Group Of Companies.
Head Office:
       H # 60-D, Street 7, Sector I-10/3, Islamabad, Pakistan.
Regional Office:
       H #68-B, Qutab Block, Awan Town, Multan Road - Lahore
       Ph: (92-42) 5414 768, 7833 464, Fax: (92-42) 7441 324
Contact Info:
       Ph: (92-51) 444 1413, 443 2292, 2891 230
       Fax: (92-51) 444 7288, 2890 773
       Web Site:
Pakistan Engineering Council Certificate:
       Category C-One
ISO Certification:
              ISO 9001
              ISO 14001
              ISO 18001




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